Upcoming Tournament

The Brisbane Badminton Association have just released the details of the upcoming tournament competition, and it looks like an absolute ripper. With competitions being delayed due to COVID, this tournament will cater for everyone. Best of all it will be held at our Coopers Plains Venue. 

To enter just follow this link

Get in early, as I’m sure it will be a popular event. It would be great to see heaps of our own club members taking part in the event.

Here’s abit of a summary

Events on Saturday 29/8/2020 (Entries Close Thursday 27 August)
1.30pm C/D Womens Doubles
3.00 pm C/D Mens Doubles
4.30pm  B/C Mens Doubles
5.30pm  B/C Womens Doubles 

Events on Sunday 30/8/2020 (Entries Close Thursday 27 August)
10.30am B Womens Singles
12 noon  B Mens Singles
2.00pm   C Mens Doubles 
                C Womens Doubles                           
4.30pm   B/C Mixed Doubles

Events on Monday 31/8/2020 (Entries Close Thursday 27 August)
6.00pm C/D Mixed Doubles
7.00pm A/B Mixed Doubles

Events on Saturday 5/09 (Entries Close Thursday 3 September)
2.00pm D Grade Junior Girls Doubles U18
              D Grade Junior Boys Doubles U18
3.30pm C Grade Mens Singles
4.30pm C Grade Womens Singles

Events on Monday 7/09 (Entries Close Thursday 3 September)
6.00pm C Grade Mixed Doubles
7.00pm Open/A Mixed Doubles

Events on Monday 14/09 (Entries Close Saturday 12 September)
6.00pm C Grade Mixed Doubles
7.00pm Combined Mixed Doubles (A grade can play with a C or D Grade or 2 B Graders can play together)

Events on Monday 21/09 (Entries Close Saturday 19 September)
7.00pm Open/A Grade Mens Singles
              Open/A Grade Womens Singles