Club Playing times during Commonwealth Games

Whilst the Commonweath Games is on over the next 2 weeks below is the playing schedule for the next couple of weeks

Sunnybank Hills State School, 77 Symons Road
Wednesday 4/04 7.00-9.30pm (Sunnyb

ank Hills Members Only)
Thursday 5/04 7.15-9.45pm
Friday 6/04 Closed
Saturday 7/04 3.00-5.30pm
Sunday 8/04 5.15- 7.45pm (Sunnybank Hills Members Only)
Wednesday 11/04 7.00-9.30pm (Sunnybank hills Members only)
Thursday 12/04 7.15-9.45pm
Friday 13/04 6.30-9.15pm
Saturday 14/04 Closed
Sunday 15/04 Expect to be Closed

Mount Gravatt State High School
Tuesday 2/04 and 9/04 (Closed)

Brisbane State High School
Tuesday 2/04 and 9/04 (Closed due to maintenance)

Springwood Road State School
4/04 and 11/04 (Closed)